Fight Club - David Fincher

  • Fight Club [1999] [DVD] - David Fincher
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  • tini pirskala tini pirskalasecond best!
  • Scarlett Echo Scarlett EchoA cerebral delight.
  • dan mitchell dan mitchellAn incredible film, just blows me away! I couldn't believe that Ed Norton's character was just imagining it all, Brad Pitt was excellent in it, you really believed his role as the part of the mind that wants to keep existing - well who wouldn't want the part with the amazing body and being great at sex lol
  • cely cely cely celyThis Movie simply Rocks !!! I mean its carzyyy !!!!
  • Caroline Ottosson Caroline OttossonThis is a weird and 'fucked-up' movie that never ever will bore me no matter how often I watch it.

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