Substance - New Order

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  • RANDY RITTER RANDY RITTERFits my every mood. A great electronic and a great guitar album.
  • Heitor Miotto Jr Heitor Miotto JrThe best reunion of singles ever!!!
  • Simon Davies Simon DaviesFrom this everything else in my collection came
  • Elisabeth Saul Elisabeth SaulIt has classic NO songs that everyone knows: Bizarre Love Triangle, Perfect Kiss, True Faith, Confusion, Blue Monday, Shellshock, and Thieves Like Us. But it also has their best work which maybe not everyone has heard of: Ceremony, Temptation, Lonesome Tonight, 1963. And of course, the remixes and instrumental versions: Kiss of Death, Thieves Like Us (Instrumental), Shame of the Nation, Confusion (Instrumental). All of the songs are wonderful. Two full CDs of New Order...what could be better?!
  • David Simpson David Simpson25 years on, Blue Monday still quality. Perfect Kiss - 9 mins of great noise.

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