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It's been a while since the last blog, but being a small start up means I am pulled in every which way which is fun but tiring. So one minute I am spec'ing out new changes to the site (we have lots of new features being developed at the moment - so hold tight), then I am out and about meeting record labels, film companies and book publishers spreadng the Poll The People gospel. Then a spot of accounts work, business plans as we are getting new investment on board so we can really start ramping things up. On top of that a little time with my 2 kids so they remember who I am and very rarely a social life. I love it though and wouldn't change anything, apart from maybe having more time with the family, but hopefully that will come in time.

Anyway...the main development which I have been excited about telling you as we've been working on it for a while is that we have created our first viral video. You can check it out here - CELEBRITY DOGS

We wanted to get the message of the site across, but have fun at the same time so we decided to dress up Dogs as celebrities ( the Dogs loved it BTW) and Adam Buxton (Adam & Joe) did a fantastic voice over which brings it all together perfectly. The production was by a very talented young director called Henry Scholfield@ Partizan who pulled in loads of favours to get it done on our tight budget. Hats off to my old mate Big Dave Graham for introducing Henry too.

Please watch it and then help spread the word. We already have over 8,000 plays on You Tube and MySpace.com have put it on their home page which is really cool. I do really mull over every decision we make when promoting the site... we need to get the message right and we also have to be very careful with budgets, but I'm really glad we took a gamble on this and hopefully you'll all like it and it will pay off!

I am going to be a bit cheeky now and let a cat out of the bag for those who read this blog... but I can't wait any longer. We will be running the GREATEST MOTOWN SONGS poll very shortly. The poll is running to start the celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of the legendary Motown label. This is really exciting news, not just because we are working with arguably the greatest Record Label of all time, but most importantly our poll will decide the tracklisting of the Motown 50 compilation album !! How cool is that... you, our users will be able to decide the tracklisting of THE seminal Motown album. This validates everything we do and proves that your opinion WILL be heard. So get your Top 5 Motown Songs list together and we'll let you know when we can launch.

I've already got my list sorted:

Stevie Wonder - Superstition Reach Out I'll Be There - The Four Tops Papa Was A Rolling Stone - The Temptations What's Goin' On - Marvin Gaye I Want You Back - Jackson 5

I think that's it for now... we are also working on launching the GREATEST FOTBALLERS OF ALL TIME poll I am just tracking down a reliable source of player data to base the poll on. If you can help with this please let me know!

Also, please let me know your feedback on the blog and the site in general... it's important to me to know that we are taking things in the right direction.

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