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Poll The People is the brainchild of Glenn Cooper, Head of Digital at Island Records with over 7 years online experience and 12 years in the Music Industry. He has partnered with his wife, Kirsty Cooper, who has worked in Music Marketing and PR for over 10 years, 5 of them running her own PR Consultancy. Together, they have created www.pollthepeople.com - a social networking site with a difference. Not only are users invited to submit their Top 5s for each poll, their choices will actually count towards the first ever-evolving global poll to find the Greatest Albums, Films and Books of all time. They will be connected to other users with similar choices creating a very powerful recommendation tool for discovering new experiences.

Users will also have the opportunity to vote for any Future Polls they would like featured on the site...so whether you want to contribute to a poll on Greatest Sportsman of all Time, Greatest Beauty Product or Greatest Ever Song... Poll The People is the place to suggest it!"

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